Hello dear! My name is Zee.


Doodle of myself at hogwarts with my kitty!

Check out my new art blog^! And this doodle!
Inspiration blog!

I also made an inspiration side blog so check that out if you’d like:)

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My new art blog has been created!

It only has a few pieces up but feel free to check it out and follow for more art!

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Little doodley sketch of my OC Bea who has a Bee farm

Autumn/fall/halloween blog xx follows back similar xx

Ok so I just posted like 10 things on my side art blog/portfolio thing after fit-af asked !

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  1. fit-af said: Where can I see your art??

Hasn’t been updated at all in about a year! (except for the post I just rebloged and a few I am posting now for you) but you can see some stuff from last summer here!

Maybe I’ll start working on making my new blog this week while I’m at work or something, I really need to work on posting more of it, especially during the school year bc I have posted absolutely no school work! I’ll put a few on there from school right now for ya! :)

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After I get all moved into my new house next week I am gonna spent way more time focused on my art and staying healthy and feeling rad and working on my certification!

Thinking about starting a new art blog (one that’s not just a side blog/portfolio thing) and drawing way more, bc I haven’t drawn basically since school ended and that is just not doing it for me, I spend way too much on art school not to practice and make art!!

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fast n’ happy // fast upbeat songs for good days

001. you make my dreams - hall and oates | 002. hey ya - oukast | 003. don’t stop me now - queen | 004. 500 miles - the proclaimers | 005. a punk - vampire weekend | 006. i love it - icona pop | 007. hey ho lets go - the ramones | 008. wake me up before you go go - wham | 009.  lonely boy - the black keys | 010. island in the sun - weezer | 011. kids - two door cinema club | 012. i bet you look good on the dance floor - arctic monkeys | 013. lets dance to joy division - the wombats | 014. i am what you want to be - the jungle giants | 015. post break up sex - the vaccines | 016. last nite - the strokes

listen here