Hello dear! My name is Zee.

Guuuys, give me ideas of foods to make with my microwave.

6 notes - 4 September, 2012

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  1. butilovechocolate said: you can steam veggies, uh i would make tortilla chips, you already discovered making pasta in it, good lord just about anything with enough love and care…seriously just google microwave recipes it’s ridiculous
  2. brittanyinmotion said: You can microwave sweet potatoes, tofu, rice, pasta, apples w/ brown sugar, scrambled eggs, mug cakes, couscous, Clif bars, broccoli/other vegetables… you can make almost anything in a microwave if you’re determined haha
  3. oreliel said: ramen noodles but put some veggies in it :)
  4. veganasana said: melty carrots with homemade honey glaze
  5. wasntthatafunnyday said: smores, popcorn, easy mac, hot chocolate, tea, uhmm…instant oatmeal…
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